Traceability Solution for Baia’s Wine

Cardano Traceability Solution for Baia’s Wine

In 2020, Cardano Foundation partnered with Baia’s Wine, a three-generational women-driven production to showcase blockchain technology for track and trace solutions — together with Scantrust this technology is allowing and revolutionizing the way that wine is sold by allowing the customer to have more direct interaction with the winemaker and to have the traceability of the winery itself.

Through this project, Baia’s Wine opened up 4 new international markets and had a sales increase of 35%.

In 2022, as a direct result of the project with Baia’s Wine, the Georgian government — through the Georgian National Wine Agency pursued a pilot project for implementing the Cardano technology by allocating the entire Bolnisi appellation where the oldest wine-making artifacts were discovered.

The Cardano Foundation visited in September 2022 to learn more about Georgian winemaking, to educate about the blockchain, and to sign an agreement with the Georgian government.