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Proof of Origin is focused on delivering scalable, enterprise blockchain solutions for track and trace, logistics, and identity.

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We have delivered the global first ever public blockchain-backed track and trace system, which we built for the LEPL National Wine Agency of Georgia. And in Georgia, Proof of Origin identified a known problem with wine traceability, offered a modern, digital/blockchain solution, and created realistic goals around the entire project.

The Problem

  • Competition and risks for counterfeits are increasing.
  • Consumers appreciate quality, but demand more information that is easily accessible and trustworthy. 
  • A cost-competitive solution that protects the heritage and authenticity of Georgian Wines is required to scale coverage for over 100 million bottles of wine annually.

The Solution

  • A flexible traceability system that Informs consumers about the quality and authenticity of Georgian wine, creating greater transparency and accessibility of the supply chain and certification data. 
  • Support the growth of the Georgian wine industry on an international level as a premium offering, with clear distinctions understood by end consumers. 
  • Digital Transformation strategy which provides a creative and cost-effective solution that positions Georgian wines as a global leader for traceability and provenance data solutions. 
  • Reduce costs for individual wineries by using a shared platform at the level of the national wine agency for appropriate oversight, governance, and consumer storytelling.

The Business Goals

  • Create a low-cost, self-sustaining program that is scalable and inclusive for all wineries in the Country of Georgia. 
  • Utilize Scantrust for unique QR code generation, analytics, anti-counterfeiting & consumer storytelling.
  • Upon successful completion of the Bolnisi pilot, the LEPL National Wine Agency of Georgia will further consider the deployment of sustainable traceability systems within the Georgian Wine Industry.